Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome to Little Blue Chicken!

Welcome to my blog-Little Blue Chicken.

Little Blue Chicken is named after my own little blue chicken. Alexander who is nearly 11 months and he is my whole world. He has the most happiest personality and cheekiest little smile. Alex in our household has the nickname chicken as when he was born, he used to make the cutest little chicken noises, he now responds to chicken. UH OH! I find myself calling him that as habit. This concerns me a little as when he starts day care next year-will he respond to his name Alex?

Little Blue Chicken is a collection of colourful & cheerful creations made by myself in Sydney, Australia.

Little Blue Chicken started with a need for a book/toy bag for my son Alexander.
From there, I decided to create more. My collection of crafted items can be seen here on my blog and are for sale on the following sites Etsy and Made It.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and following me on my Little Blue Chicken Journey!

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  1. Hey Cass. The stuff looks great!!
    Hope to see you at Monday Craft one day soon.