Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010-Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I know that this is bit late in the year to be saying it, but January in our household was hectic to say the least!
We had an exciting christmas and our son Alex's first Birthday was 4 days after and it was the most amazing day. Unfortunately we saw in the new year to a sick 1 year old... Poor Alex was on medication for a month. From Tonsilitus to Ear Infections, but the end of this month we had all had enough of illness. Even I ended up on a course of Antibiotics catching a throat infection from Alex.
But anyway onwards and upwards I say!

We have spent the month settling back into work, the changing sleep patterns of a 1 year old and trying to somewhat get our house organised. You all know that type of motivation you get when a new year starts that sometimes only lasts for a few weeks!

I have spent some of the month filling some orders I have had and now onto new ideas and working on existing designs. I am looking at some markets in a few months. Possibly March we may kick off on those!

Here is a picture of my little boy's first birthday party.

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