Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Relaxing Crafty Weekend

Ahhh... bliss! A weekend where I did not leave the house for 48 complete hours. The only reason I left the house this afternoon was to go to the supermarket to buy milk.

Due to a weekend of not having to be anywhere or go anywhere I took advantage of nap times and pulled out my trusty Pfaff. I created and created some more.

It started with completing an order from Billycart Markets for Kylie from Butterfly Garden Hair Accessories and then got to work on a new design of a nappy bag using dreamy Michael Miller-Fly by Day Fabric for the front pockets. I also managed to personalise some white long sleeve tee's for my little boy Alex.
I have been brainstorming ideas for decoration of my next stall at Billycart Markets on 26th June.

If you interested in my new nappy bags.. please email me or stay tuned for further information as they will be listed on my Made It Shop very soon.

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